Ryan Johnson

I am an experienced full-stack developer that specializes in JavaScript, with an emphasis on ReactJS and Node.js. I thrive when working in an agile environment with self-organized teams that focus on collaboration, and delivering value.

Being a freelance developer has afforded me the unique opportunity to provide services for start-ups, banks, consultants, agencies, and many others. In doing so I have been exposed to a wide variety of talented people that I’ve learned from along the way. I am a stickler for process, capable of leading teams through the development of a project from start to finish, while delivering a final product that adheres to high quality standards.

  • email ryan@shakainteractive.com
  • github github.com/ryandrewjohnson
  • twitter twitter.com/ryandrewjohnson
  • medium medium.com/@ryandrewjohnson
  • linkedin linkedin.com/in/ryandrewjohnson

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Previous Contracts

Senior Software Engineer @ Quandl

  • Worked on team responsible for delivering Quandl's core data services, which included the primary user facing application and Restful API services.

Full Stack Developer @ ScotiaBank

  • Worked as one of the developers on a self-managed agile team that was responsible for delivering a new web application to onboard new and existing iTrade customers.
  • Front-end built on React/Redux using TypeScript.
  • Back-end built on Node.js using TypeScript.

Full Stack Developer @ Huge

  • Responsible for developing a solution for users to enter eyewear prescriptions during checkout on an eyewear ecommerce site.
  • The portion I developed was a stand alone React.js application that was separate from the rest of the site built in Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Solution also used Redux for state management in the React.js application.

Full Stack Developer @ Mckinsey Digital Labs

  • Each MDL project would find me parterned with a new client and MDL team.
  • A typical project would find the MDL team paired with their client equivilant; in my case developers.
  • Coached client development team in agile/development best practices, while delivering an MVP over a 16-week sprint schedule.
  • Fortunate enough to work with many talented individuls in the MDL network; including scrum masters, architects, consultants, and other developers.

Lead Front-end Architect @ Venzee Inc.

  • Worked as part of a distributed team with the goal of delivering an MVP version of the product.
  • Structured the front-end of the application built on Angular.js from the ground up
  • Created an organized codebase that promotes reuse and scalability.
  • Leveraged tools such as grunt to create build tasks to automate and optimize where possible.

Front-end Developer @ Glocalspace

  • Worked with a team of developers on large scale Angular.js project.

Associate Tech Director @ TAXI

  • Aided in the day to day management of a small team of developers.
  • Helped introduce new work flow processes to aide my team's project organization and management.
  • Participated in the management and scoping of digital projects for myself and the development team.
  • Worked as lead developer on larger builds when necessary.

Front-end Developer @ Nurun

  • Worked on team responsible for delivering new fully responsive version of Walmart.ca.

Manager Interactive Development @ SapientNitro

  • Worked with a talented team of developers on the Loblaw Companies Limited projects.
  • Assumed managerial role when the regular manager of the project was away on vacation.

Front-end Developer @ Savoury Projects

  • Worked as lead front-end developer on multiple projects including ones for SportsNet and World of Four Seasons.

Full Stack Developer @ SapientNitro

  • Lead developer for the Harley Davidson 110th anniversary celebration site.
  • Managed a small development team of 3 developers.
  • Site needed to support 30+ locales including right to left languages.